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Master Governing Documents

 Covenants Conditions
 and Restrictions
Official Copy
Typed Copy of
Not an Official Copy
please excuse any errors
Much easier to read
 HOA Bylaws  Bylaws
 Bylaws Quorum Amendment  Quorum Amendment
 Articles of Incorporation  Articles of Incorporation
 Code of Conduct  Code of Conduct
Design Guidelines Design Guidelines

Bylaw Amendments

 Code of Conduct Amendment  Code of Conduct
Annual Meeting Amendment 2016  Meeting Amendment
 Quorum Amendment  Quorum Amendment
 Secret Ballot Amendment  Secret Ballot Amendment



Enforcement Policy Enforcement Policy
Self-Help Policy Self-Help Policy
Reserve Fund Policy Reserve Fund Policy
Payment & Collection Policy Payment & Collection Policy


Other Documents

Reserve Study 9/11/17
 Board Meeting Minutes  Board Meeting Minutes
 Board Meeting Agendas  Board Meeting Agendas
 Copy of a Ballot  Sample Ballot
 Board Member Nomination  Nomination Form
 Annual HOA Budgets  Budgets
Weed & Parking Fines   Fines
 Management Company's
 Billing Statements
 Pima County Plat Map
 (Large File)
 ECCP Plat
 State of Arizona Dept. of Real Estate
 Subdivision Public Report
 ECCP Report
 Original Building Suppliers  Supplier list
 Exterior Colors
Old & New
 Paint list
 Plant List - Not yet approved  Plant list